Produced from stainless antimagnetic steel AISI 304 BA or AISI 316 L.

Steel thickness: 0.40 mm or 0.50 mm

Available diameters: from Ø80 to Ø450

Available linear lengths:  0.25m – 0.50m – 1,00m.


Constant control:

The chimneys and the components of TechnoGos series have been sumbitted to the projected checks from the EU’s Regulation 89/106/EEC for Construction Products and meet all the requirements of the CE certificate, according to EN 1856-1 and EN 1856-2.

The certification has been made from the recognized carrier DEDAL – ATTESTATION AND CERTIFICATION Ltd.

Quality control through the management system ISO 9001:2015 of SGS TUV SAAR


  • Autogenous welding of flues and components
  • Male – female configuration
  • Ease of assembly for flues and components
  • Watertight with the use of thermosilicone flange 200 °C
  • Construction flexibility with a variety of components

TechnoGos components collection includes:

  • Straight folding elements with spread from 1m to 2m – from 0.50m to 1m – from 0.25m to 0.40m.
  • Curves – Angles from 15° – 30° – 45° – 60° – 90°
  • Tee 90°  and Semitee 135°
  • Tee 90° for pellet Ø80 with cap (right or left)
  • Cleaning caps
  • Connection clamps
  • Thermosilicone flange 200 °C
  • Axle Shifters
  • Contractions
  • Wall rosettes
  • Wall brackets
  • Reinforced ceiling brackets
  • Adjustable triangular mounting bracket
  • Floor mounting base
  • Mounting base for inclined roofs
  • Cleaning inspection door or temperature measurement inspection door
  • Modulating damper

TechnoGos series is certified and includes flues and components designed for use in pellet units, oil boilers, energy efficient fireplaces etc.

They withstand continuous temperatures up to 400°C or small intervals of up to 600°C. The series are recommended for use in internal installations.