They have been designed primarily for pressured and hyper pressured flue gas lines under Η1:5000Pa and Ρ1:200Pa conditions (the pressure on the chimney’s inner surface during the operation is much higher than on the its outer).

They can also be used for chimneys with natural draw.

Available diameters from Ø60, Ø80, Ø100, Ø110, Ø125, Ø160, Ø200, Ø250, Ø315

Available linear lengths: 0.25m – 0.50m – 1.00m –  2.00m


Constant control:

The chimneys and the components of Gas Flue Systems series have been sumbitted to the projected checks from the EU’s Regulation 89/106/EEC for Construction Products and meet all the requirements of the CE certificate, according to EN 14471.

The certification has been made from the recognized carrier TUV INDUSTRIE SERVICE GmbH Munchen Germany.


  • Ease of assembly for flues and components
  • Construction flexibility with a variety of components

Gas Flue Systems collection includes:

  • Rigid chimney system PPH/transparent (STARR)
  • Rigid chimney system with protective PPH (black UV stabl.) (STARR UV)
  • Rigid twin wall chimney system for outer use – inner PPH/Stainless steel outside (STARR DW)
  • Flexible chimney system PPH (black UV stabl.)
  • Concentric chimney systems for inner use LIK – PPH/PPH – LIB GR – PPH/Stainless steel – LIL GR – PPH/Stainless steel with electrostatic paint
  • Concentric chimney systems for outer use (LAB)
  • Chimney system for appliances regardless of the combustion air and space (LAS)
  • Chimney system for appliances connected in series, cascade type (CAS)
  • Components (ZUB)

System Elements:

Gas Flue Systems chimney system provides many components which are irreplaceable parts of a modern operational flue gas line.

Gas Flue Systems components collection consists of more than 200 system components where each of them is available in different dimensions. Thus in total there are more than 2250 catalog products which make up this complete chimney system.

Gas Flue Systems series drain the flue gas from condensing boilers and of low temperatures with a maximum flue gas temperature of 120°C at the appliance’s exit.

They are designed for use in gaseous fuels appliances, more precisely mineral gas (L,H) and liquid fuels (LTO sulfur content <0.2%, kerosene).